Tom Van Steyn and Jeff Gargiulo are the co-owners of Full Circle Restorations, LLC off Highway 88 in Lockeford, California. The pair started restoring cars together over 15 years ago when they found that their separate talents worked well together. To be able to control all aspects of the restoration and to ensure quality, they have designed a facility that boasts a 1.5 acre, state-of-the-art mechanics and body/paint shop. This shop is different from others because they have the ability to complete a restoration on site – mechanical work, body work and paint. Upholstery is about the only part of the job that would be sent out and possibly some machining on motors.

According to Jeff, who is the body and paint expert of this team, “this shop understands the history of the car”. They also understand what the customer wants to do with the vehicle in order to do the job right. Tom, being the mechanical brains of this team, believes they understand what people want and need in a restoration, whether it be an authentic restoration or a custom retro rod.

Full Circle Restorations

Facility Information

* 1.5 acre design facility
* 4000 sq ft body shop
* 4000 sq ft fabrication shop
* Paint mixing room
* 30 ft long sidedraft spray booth
* 2500 sq ft two station media & abrasive blasting facility
* Pressure washing station
* Media Blasting